In July 1987, well before the Commitments had learnt how to spell the word “soul”, Junior Jump & the Bottom Line played their debut gig at the Grand Hotel in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex.

The universally acclaimed, deliciously melodius, enduringly danceable, effortlessly beautiful, enchantingly alluring, wonderfully effervescent, aurally delightful, threateningly powerful, suitably refreshed, permanently powered up, much imitated, never bettered  and overwhelmingly modest  Junior Jump and the Bottom Line first appeared to the world on July 4th 1987 with their auspicious debut gig held in the old music bar on the first floor of the Grand Hotel, Leigh on Sea.

2017 is going to mark the 30th year of existence for this exceptional 11 piece ensemble. This really is a big achievement for a big band with a big heart who make a big, beautiful noise!

They’re still going strong, still enjoying the music, giving it some wellie, having it large and kicking the proverbial butt.  Their backline still pump the rythmical iron, the horns are even more outrageously rampant, the gorgeous Babettes  are very much Schwinging and Mr Jump has more powerful helium coursing through his lungs than ever!

There will be much to celebrate this year and you’re all invited!

have a listen
(mp3 - 6mb)

30 years together and they can still Boogaloo. No mean feat. They gots to PARTAY! But please, no time wasters.  Be prepared to keep up. Bring your dancing shoes, drinking head, smiley face, keep your knees up, raise your hand and make sure this is not a hand you’re drinking with. Hello Cutie! Light Blue Cavalier, Say Spam & Sway! Close but no cigar! Join in or jog off!

Training sessions for the 30th Celebrations started at the Railway in Southend with a little after Christmas warm up gig. There will be a lot more to follow. So, in the words of Shaw Taylor - Keep ‘em peeled!